The Sell-Your-SaaS project is developed with PHP and the Dolibarr ERP CRM Framework. All you need, to sell your own web application are:

  • 1 or several servers running Linux (1 master and N deployment servers or just 1 server playing both the roles). It may be dedicated or virtual servers, but you must have root access. Ubuntu OS is recommanded as the documentaiton will be ready in the box, but you should be able to use any Linux-like Operating System).
  • Enough disk space to satisfy the storage needs of the applications that you want to sell or deploy. If you plan to deploy 1000 instances, you must have the storage capacity of 1000 x the storage needs of 1 application, because each user will have their own isolated instance.
  • Knowledge of PHP, Apache and MySQL administration.
  • Being able to install the excellent PHP web application Dolibarr ERP CRM (an easy to install PHP ERP and CRM package with no dependencies except PHP and MySQL).
  • Download the plugin/ addon Sell-Your-SaaS (
  • Read and follow the documentation to install everything, step by step. See documentation page.

github URL for the source code of Dolibarr ERP CRM:

github URL for the source code of Sell-Your-SaaS addon:

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