The Dolibarr bug manager allows you to report to the Dolibarr team development, any bugs that you find in the software. dolibarr_bug

You are welcome to report bugs, but in order to save time for you and us, please review the following checklist before reporting bugs:

* Read the bug tracker to see if the bug is already reported. If the bug is already reported, then please do not submit another ticket.

* Try to find an answer in the Dolibarr forum. The bug may already have been reported and a solution provided for the same in that forum.

* If you did not find the bug while following the above steps, then report the bug and describe the scenario in which it can be reproduced. Please also report the version of Dolibarr, type of database: mysql or postgresql, menu you used to reach the page, data you typed in as inputs etc. Provide as much information as you possibly can.

The bug tracker and feature requests are managed at following webpage:

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