Sell-Your-Saas project version 1 is released as Open Source project

Sell-Your-Saas project has been launched

SellYourSaas project, version 1.0 has been released.

After 8 years of development, the first Solution to supply SaaS applications (for free or for commercial purpose) is available.
And it is 100% Open Source.

The vocation of sell-your-saas is to take care of all the needs to make it possible to publicly offer a web application in SaaS to a very large number of users. And this without any human intervention, from prospecting to the publication of its accounts. Based on an extension of the excellent Dolibarr ERP CRM and on proven Open Source system components, sell-your-saas has achieved, after several month in production for flagship solutions such as DoliCloud (Dolibarr in Cloud), NovaFirstCloud or GLPI cloud , the level of maturity to be disclosed in Open Source.

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