Sell-Your-Saas version 2.0 has been released

Sell-Your-Saas project has been launched

The version 2.0 of Sell-Your-Saas is available.

There is a lot of enhancements on error management and security protections. Also, you will find the following new features:

## 2.0
 * NEW Save the choice "I am a non profit organization" of thirdparty creation
 * NEW Can set max number of emails per instance
 * NEW Add count of backup and error backup into list of servers
 * NEW Store list of deployment servers into a table
 * NEW Add script
 * NEW Can send an email on sellyoursaas job error (need dolibarr 17+)
 * NEW Can add a server and remove it from the Deployment tab. Need write permission of sellyoursaas. No more need for admin status.
 * NEW Retreiving version of a deployed instance uses the SQL definition found into package instead of hardcoded SQL.
 * NEW Can defined frequency of backup per instance
 * NEW Show the number of open instances in the page to setup Deployment servers
 * NEW Using the restore_instance tool add a line into historic of events for instance.
 * NEW Add a page view to list instances with current backup errors
 * NEW Add some blacklist tables et page to edit them.
 * NEW Add a whitelist table and page to edit it. Any IP in this table is allowed to create instance whatever are other checks.
 * NEW Add an evil picto on instances flagged as evil
 * NEW Add a page to list all evil instances (with filter predefined for this)
 * NEW Enhance the script
 * NEW Add a parameter "Max number of deployement per IP (VPN)" (default 1) that is specific on VPN usage so different than the paramater "Max number of deployement per IP" (default 4)
 * NEW Can enable/disable external service to validate IP or email in a simple click into SellYourSaas module setup.
 * NEW The option "Direct access to SFTP/mysql" on service setup now accept the value "On demand only". The tab will be visible to customer with a message to ask the access doing a ticket.
 * NEW Split the setup page into several pages.
 * NEW Can contact IPQualityScore external service to validate email quality (like done for IP validation)
 * NEW Add option backuprsyncdayfrequency and backupdumpdayfrequency (Value 1 by default).
 * Experimental feature to allow end user to migrate its instance from its own backup (works for a Dolibarr instance only)
 * Experimental feature to allow end user to upgrate its instance to a higher version (works for a Dolibarr instance only)
 * FIX Can show a different alert/announce message for each deployment server.
 * FIX Timezone is filled also for instances created from customer dashboard.

## 1.2

* NEW #190 : Add form on uninstall. Enable on option SELLYOURSAAS_ASK_DESTROY_REASON.
* NEW First version of a process of automigration.
* NEW Exclude running installation from more than 24h into quota.
* NEW Add a limit of number of email with a "per server" setup (inside file /etc/sellyoursaas-public.conf)
* NEW Add Ansible scripts to update the sellyoursaas[-public].conf file.
* NEW #215: Add possibility to force a plan price for resselers
* NEW Add hidden option SELLYOURSAAS_LINK_TO_PARTNER_IF_FIRST_SOURCE to link a registration to a reseller when was just a first origin on
  web site and even when reseller id was not explicitely into registration url with utm_source=partnerXXX.
* Fix the payment term of recurring invoice was not propagated on invoice created just after a fix of credit card.
* Fix can not use a closed deployment server with html injection.
* NEW Add option backupignoretables in sellyoursaas.conf to exclude some tables from backup
* NEW Add protection against blacklisted ip on registration

The home page of the Sell-Your-Saas project:

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